How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen-remodelWhen it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets for your home it is important to look beyond just the price and conveniences of  the purchase. Sure, we could all agree that the most basic level of kitchen cabinets are simply a collection of boxes to store stuff. Yet, you deserve more than mere boxes and instead  probably yearn to have cabinets that are more like a piece of furniture that is valued for both its beauty and functionality.  In this article,  we will examine what is possible and how what you dream of is totally possible at a very fair price.

Why Design Is So Important

Rarely if ever are kitchen rooms designed or built the same way. There is always some minor differences between homes even in the same neighborhood and within the same track. Often these varieties are not noticeable until a remodel takes place. The problem really surfaces when homeowners try to fit per-manufactured cabinets into non standard areas.  Often what occurs is that the homeowner(s) just lives with a design and fit that is slightly off. The truth is that designing kitchen cabinets is a lot more involved than simply entering the gross measurements of your kitchen into a computer. Taking a more strategic approach will allow you to have the full enjoyment and functionality of your investment.  Let’s take a look at what you should consider.

Details Make The Biggest Difference

One fact that stands out about kitchen cabinets is that the right details can raise your cabinets from looking like boxes to increasing their functionality and aesthetic  appeal. For example,  sometimes a slight curve on a lower rail; or a softened edge where you most often open a door, can take your cabinet from ordinary to extraordinary. A good cabinet designer will know those fine points and build it into the final product.

Making Use Of Shallow Wall Space

Many homes have a section of their kitchen where the wall space might be too shallow for stock cabinets. Usually this is an area that is located adjacent to a doorway and traffic flow must be considered before putting anything there.   R & R Development frequently works with customers to take advantage of these unique areas.  We look for ways to use these spaces as additional storage and/or display space, without impeding traffic flow.   Working with our master cabinet maker, we have customized built in cabinets to fully utilize the space.  These cabinets now enhance the design and feel of the room by maintaining the continuously of the rest of the kitchen.

Size Does Matter

Most of the new cabinet designs are moving toward upper cabinets that are 14’’ to 16’’ in depth. This is to accommodate oversize plates and dishes.

Lower cabinets typically are built to 24’’ deep and 36’’ tall.

Previously, upper kitchen cabinets were hung 18’’ above the counter. Today they are being hung 21’’. One benefit of this new height is that it makes the cabinetry look airier plus it provides ample storage space below for large appliances such as: Juicers, vitamins, blender, and the like.


One of the biggest surprises concerning custom cabinets is that they don’t have to cost a lot of money. Yes it is true. Often, a completely handmade custom cabinet, with real wood, will cost less, function better, last longer, and look better than pre-manufactured cabinets.  As we have discussed here, with a custom made cabinet you get exactly what you want rather than having to settle with the constraints of pre-manufactured cabinet supplies.  Of course this does not mean that pre-manufactured cabinets are not adjustable. Rather, to provide for a broad appeal, they have to be standardized and those constraints may not be the best option for your needs.

You Are Invited

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, be sure to receive a quote for custom cabinets. I invite you to call me at R & R Development and discuss your vision. Our team of experts can show you how your kitchen can be functional and beautiful.


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