Choosing the Right Showerhead

When you choose a showerhead, you are choosing more than just a way to get water into your bath. You are also choosing a great way to make a statement about your style and taste. Some showerheads also serve other function such as providing adjustable massage, as well. R & R Bathrooms can help you choose the perfect showerhead for your bathroom remodel to give you the look you want at a price that fits your budget!

The Shower of Your Dreams

Creating a great shower begins with a great showerhead. There are many types of showerheads to choose from, including:

Standard wall-mount. The standard wall-mount showerhead offers you the flexibility to go simple or elaborate, depending on your preference. This is the most common type of showerhead and can be purchased in many different sizes with settings such as mist, massage and other effects. You can find a good standard mount showerhead in almost any price range.

Top-mount. The top-mount showerhead is ideal for a larger shower and gives you the option of having the water fall directly from above. This actually allows you to control the placement of water flow on your body with more precision and gives you more room in the shower stall for moving around and performing waterless tasks such as shaving.

Sliding bar. A sliding bar shower head moves up and down along a wall-mounted base. This is ideal for family members who share a shower, particularly if they are all of very different heights.

Handheld. This type of shower is very popular and is a good choice if you need the flexibility of moving your showerhead around. If you wash your pet in the shower, for example, this can be a great addition to your shower plan. It is also ideal for those with mobility issues. The handheld portion of the showerhead extends on a long hose and many also have a permanent wall mount so you can use it as a standard showerhead as well.

As you shop for a showerhead , be sure to think about your budget as well. There are good quality showerheads in every price range, so it may help you to discuss your purchase with a professional.

R & R Bathrooms, located at, can help you create the ideal bathroom remodel. Check out some of our bathroom remodel photos at You will soon see that, with the help of R and R Bathrooms, your bathroom ideas can come to life!

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