Three Ideas To Remember When Doing a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling does not have to include a full demolition of the existing bathroom. Sometimes a lot can be done to update the look and feel. Here we will cover three common ideas that you can use when considering a bathroom remodel.

ColorsMany homeowners who bought their home originally from a contractor will find that the most common color used in bathrooms is simply white. There is nothing wrong with a white bathroom and if that is your favorite look you should keep it that way.

Color for Bathroom remodel

Consider adding color to your bathroom

However, it is good to remember the right colors help create an atmosphere for that room.  For example. light colors help relax the mind and create an overall relaxing feeling.  Think about Spa’s and the way that they use colors to subdue the experience.

There is no reason why your bathroom can not be tailored to fit your style and the atmosphere that you want.  You can get some more ideas of the various bathrooms that we have worked on by taking a look at .  You might just get some great ideas there for your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Tiles

After years of exposure to water (especially hard water) soaps, and other products, bathroom tiles can become faded and lose their sheen.  When this happens you can often get the look back by having them polished or give them a matte finish.

However, if your bathroom tiles are coming apart, have cracks, and chips, it would be best to have them replaced.  Aside from making your bathroom look good it will also prevent water from getting behind the tiles that could lead to root and a more expensive fix later on.

Cabinet Ideas

When considering upgrading your cabinets think about how you use your bathroom and build around these needs. Let me explain. Many times homeowners buy standard cabinets with standard dimensions. This is especially true when you are dealing with prefabricated cabinets, like the ones you find at big box stores.

While the look may be fine the functionality for you and your family may not be optimum.  One thing that will allow you to enjoy your bathroom more is to have the room set up the way that you live.

bathroom custom drawer ideas

you can custom make a cabinet drawer to fit your lifestyle

So, you may consider getting  drawers made for the things that you use regularly such as your toothbrush, soap and other bath accessories.   For example often we have made  nooks and special spaces to accommodate , shower caps and other accessories in the shower.   We have produced a video that illustrates this and you can see them at . You may also consider having cabinets with deeper drawers to accommodate hair dryers and other items that require a lot of space. The possibilities are really limited only by your imagination.

By implementing some of these simple ideas you can create a bathroom that is not only totally functional, but also will make you feel comfortable at the beginning of the day or after a long day.

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