Lighting Ideas To Consider When Remodeling Your Home

Lighting to highlight cabinets

Example of R&R Development Cabinet lighting design

Lighting is one of those things that can have a dramatic effect on the feel of your home. Designed correctly lighting can enhance the physical attributes of your remodel and create a special feeling.

For example, places like Starbucks have spent a lot of money and time finding the right lighting design so that you feel comfortable to read, talk with others, and just hang out.  Next time you walk into your local Starbucks coffee shop look around and see all the various lighting fixtures.  Notice how the different lighting makes you feel.

Well, what about your own home?

When doing  a remodeling these days, the lighting will be part of the design and be scrutinized for its compliance with local building codes.  In part this is due to needs for energy conservation as well as efficiency.  So rather than an afterthought it is now a main part of a remodel.

LED Lighting

 At the top of the list for energy efficiency and state-of-the-art is LED lighting. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive option available. Nevertheless, the whole industry is moving towards this lighting option and we can expect prices to come down in the future.  In the next three to five years expect it to be the major source of lighting along with new innovations that will be truly advance.

Lighting design for a Dinning Room

Dinning Rooms can be transformed with Lighting

Florescent Lighting

A lot has changed in recent times making this option a lot more usable.  It was not that long ago that most people complained about the brightness  and the fear of having their rooms light up like a gas station at night. Not true anymore. Today’s florescent lighting choices have a lot more options and designed properly can be rather warm and inviting.

Design is the Answer

When it comes to lighting it must be made part of the overall design concept not only to meet codes, but also for the atmosphere that you want to create.   Usually, a  lighting design will take into account the various parts of the room.  In other words one type of lighting for a work area and another type of lighting to highlight a specific area of the room.

A good lighting design can create an atmosphere that will welcome you and your family to the room.  It can also highlight specific areas and make dramatic emphasis to new additions. 

R&R development Lighting example

Example of a Kitchen lighting design

At R&R development we always take into account the lighting design and spend the time with each homeowner to help them find just the right lighting for their home.  With our 30 plus years of experience we can walk any homeowner through the various choices.  Together we always design and create their dream home.Rob Walks Through lighting ideas

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