When Remodeling Actually Hurts The Value of Your Home

The common wisdom centers around the idea that all home improvement is good and bigger is better.  After all who would not want to have the biggest and best appliances and features in their home. However, there are some areas where this will not work and in fact can end up costing you more in the long run.remodeling that works

What has been occurring for the last few years is a fundamental shift in consumer behaviors and preferences.  Since the beginning of the great recession many families are looking for smaller and more manageable accommodations. The rising cost of energy couple with the loss in buying power has turned the tastes of many Americans to simplifying and efficiency.

Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal have shown that builders are now building smaller houses because of this new consumer preference.  So this means that if the upgrades to your existing house are too big it may actually devalue your home instead of increasing the value. Keep in mind that most people don’t want to pay extra for someone else’s pet project when it comes to buying a home.

So let’s take a quick look at what is not working today.

1. The Mammoth Kitchen
Now  when I mean mammoth I mean gigantic restaurant professional style and size. The type of kitchen that only a true gourmet of kitchens could appreciate.  Although the chef in your life may love cooking on a $30,000 kitchen upgrade might be just to your liking. But this could be a turnoff for potential buyers who aren’t crazy about cooking. To them, the restaurant-sized stainless-steel stove, kitchen island and fridge just seem excessive, and they’re not going to want to pay for them. Instead, they’ll pass on your home and end up buying one with a regular kitchen.
Take a look at some kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget. You can still enjoy an upgraded kitchen without going overboard and compromising the value of your home.

2. Over-the-Top Bathroom Renovations
That ultra-deep jacuzzi tub that can sit five comfortably and custom  360-degree  shower you just installed might make your mornings a blast. But to budget or eco-minded buyers, all that water use is going to be a serious drawback. As with your kitchen, keep your bathroom remodeling ideas modest if you think you’ll be putting your home on the market any time soon.

3. Garage Conversions
At times here in the South Bay homeowners decide to  just convert the garage (which they may never used) and built a apartment, recording studio,  or entertainment room. This may be great for your family’s needs, but your potential buyers are going to be rolling their eyes.  Most are going to worry about where  they going to park the car and store the lawn mower?  These potential buyers are likely to see this as a waste of space, and a project (and expense) they’ll have to deal with if they buy your home.

Bottom line
Homeowners should of course invest in renovations that are going to make them happy and improve their quality of life. It is your home after all, and you should enjoy it the way that you want to.  Our home should reflect our tastes and interests, and give us that oasis away from the busy world.

Just keep in mind that if you plan to sell your home in the near future, those upgrades and expensive renovations might end up devaluing the home if you’re trying to sell for top dollar.

When it comes to renovations, upgrades, and overall construction R&R Development is here to help you answer design and construction questions. In over 30 years we have seen what works and what does not and you can now have access to that information with a simple phone call. Call Robert Gamble of R&R Development at 408-723-8346.

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