Preventive Home Maintenance Ideas That Will Save You Money

Spring is here and it is now time to look at some preventive maintenance issues every homeowner needs to take a look at.  As a general contractor,  R and R Development  often sees many expensive issues that could have easily been prevented with some regular home maintenance.  Here we are going to briefly review some of those  simple items that can help keep your family safe, help you avoid costly repairs, and increase the comfort of your home. So let’s jump right into it. Home repairs save money and energy

Time to Inspect the Roof

Spring is a good time to conduct some routine maintenance on your roof.  Begin by replacing any missing or damaged shingles or tiles.  Next you will want to check for signs of blistering and other signs of wear that can lead to leaks.  Lastly, clear away all debris from the gutters paying especial attention to the valleys in your roof where stuff can accumulate. Most homeowners never think about their roof until the rainy season is upon them and a leak appears.  Then the costs of repairs are always a lot more expensive and the damage can be substantial.  However, by doing these quick items you will be able to detect problems early on and prevent bigger problems from occurring.


This is a good time to wash and treat your wooden decks.  My recommendation is to use a good weatherproofing product to help prevent cracking and get it into good shape for the summer. Decks that are kept up like this last for decades and look good.

Irrigation Systems

This is one area that often gets overlooked since it is usually turned off during the rainy season.  Begin by checking the sprinkler system for any leaks or non-performing parts.  Many times you may find sprinkler heads facing the wrong direction which are wasting water and not watering your landscape.  You may also want to replace the timer to a more water efficient model.

Air Conditioning and Heating System

Now is a good time to change the filter in your homes air return.  It would also be a good idea to have your heating system checked for any cracks and have the furnace cleaned.  This small step will insure that your family is safe from any harmful fumes emitting from the furnace, and at the same time save you money in energy costs.

When it comes to your air conditioning system, make sure you clean away any debris that has fallen on and around your outdoor system. It would also be a good time to have the Freon pressure and overall system checked before the hot summer arrives.  Remember the peak season for air conditioning systems to malfunction is the summer.  The costs are usually higher due to the heavy demand, and you might have to wait in the heat before repairs can be made.  By having the system looked at now, you may even be able to get a discounted price on the service.


It is always a good idea to replace caulking around the tubs, showers, sinks and toilets. This simple procedure can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs that can result due to water related damage to the floors, walls, or cabinets.  Every year my team and I end up having to do extensive repairs to bathroom walls and floors where water has been slowly seeping in for many years. One way to prevent this type of damage is by doing this simple routine maintenance regularly.

Well, we covered a few items here that can be done quickly and at minimal expense.  In subsequent articles, we will talk about replacing and making modifications to other parts of the home for energy efficiency and your comfort.

As always, when you need a general contractor in the greater San Jose CA area, call R & R Development and let us show you what is possible. You can find more information at

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