R and R Development Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Home

As general contractor R and R Development usually shares with clients that there are four things they need to consider when trying to decide what flooring option is best for their home.  They are:

  • Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Location

In this article we are going to take a quick look at three typical choices flooring options many homeowners consider and look at both the pros and cons of each one.

Laminate Flooring  

From a durability point of view this is one of the most durable choices you can make.  Laminated floors also are considered environmentally friendly since they are made from paper and are not produced from old growth trees.

One key advantage is the variety of designs that are available.  Technological advances can now duplicate just about any wood or stone look that you are interested in.  That being said, the disadvantage is that laminated floors can’t be refinished like wood can.  So, there is no way to make it look good once it wears out or becomes damaged.
Bamboo Flooring

Many homeowners like the contemporary and elegant look of bamboo flooring.  This type of flooring comes in many different stains ranging from a natural light color to very dark finishes. bamboo flooring option

Interestingly bamboo is actually a tough grass rather than a hardwood although it is classified as a hardwood.  Nevertheless, the process by which the bamboo is made into flooring makes it comparable to the hardest hardwood available. Bamboo is a natural and renewable resource thus making it the most environmentally friendly type of flooring.

So, what is the down side? It really comes down to how it looks and feels.   Bamboo flooring is one of those things where either you love or hate it.   This is especially important if you are considering selling the home in the near future.  Some buyers may be put off by the unique look and feel.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are still the most favored flooring choices by far. They are both elegant and offer a wide variety of colors and finishes.   Hardwood floors also are good insulators and provide more give than tile.  Hardwood floors also have the added benefit of lasting for a very long time and  of being able to be refinished  whenever it is necessary. Hardwood sample

One drawback of this type of flooring is the potential for water damage.  We have all heard of the dishwasher, or kitchen plumbing that breaks and begins to leak water onto the floor for a prolong time   (such as the homeowners being away on vacation).  This doesn’t happen often but when it does, it can be a costly repair.  Secondly, there are limitations to installing hardwood flooring on concrete subfloors.

However, with some good design work, it is possible to engineer past these limitations.  Hardwood flooring still provides the homeowner with comfort, beauty, and the highest resell value.

When it comes to flooring in general there are many choices available, and at times this can seem overwhelming.  The good news is that you can always contact R and R Development and let us guide you towards the better choice for you and your family.   In the last 35 years we have had the opportunity to work on various homes throughout Santa Clara County and we know what works and does not work.  We invite you to call our office 408-723-8346 or visit us at http://www.remodelsouthbay.com/

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