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Remodeling and Renovation: What’s the Difference

Most of us use the terms "remodel" and "renovate" interchangeably, and for the most part everyone understands what we mean. However, there are some differences between remodeling and renovation, as seen at, and it may be important to know these differences when you talk with a contractor about your next home improvement ...

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Making Money on Your Remodel

As the housing market has continued to improve we can now begin to see how much the typical homeowner will recoup from a remodel or room addition. The new annual report of Cost vs. Value just came out and gives the homeowner a good idea of what improvements payback and by how much. To calculate the typical ...

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How Long Should The Major Parts of Your Home Last?

In my last post we talked about some of the simple things homeowners can do to help maintain their homes.  As we discussed, this usually results in big savings from costly repairs and energy savings. 

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Preventive Home Maintenance Ideas That Will Save You Money

Spring is here and it is now time to look at some preventive maintenance issues every homeowner needs to take a look at.  As a general contractor,  R and R Development  often sees many expensive issues that could have easily been prevented with some regular home maintenance.  Here we are going to briefly review some ...

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